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Why Northern Portugal?

It would be hard to qualify a region like the North of Portugal but if we wanted to do so, we would take inspiration from its people, their hospitality, the joy of their festivities and their way of life, allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the warm embrace of their hospitality and to indulge in their superb gastronomy.


It’s not just the people that make this region special. Its long and fascinating history can be seen in remote mountain villages where the ruins of medieval castles overlook ancient granite cottages and terraced fields and in enchanting historical cities that are melting pots of architecture dating back to Roman times.


Add the natural beauty of its majestic rivers, pristine waterfalls, fertile valleys, rugged mountains, unspoilt coastline and diverse forests and you’ll find a magnificent landscape that’s perfect for exploration and adventure.

Why Portugal Green Walks?

Our in depth knowledge of and expertise in northern Portugal have firmly established our reputation as a successful specialist tour operator for many years.  


Our aim is to exceed your holiday expectations by producing high quality and creative itineraries that cater specifically to you and your companions.


Our attention to detail and exceptional level of customer service mean you are sure to experience a diverse and thoroughly stimulating holiday at excellent value for money. 


Portuguese Way of St James

Portuguese Way

Walk the ancient pilgrim route of the Portuguese Way of Saint James. Luggage transfers and 4-star hotels make the challenge enjoyable.


Ancient bridge over the River Malara in Gimonde

Explore Montesinho Natural Park

Discover stunning landscapes and timeless traditional culture in the community villages of Montesinho Natural Park in Tras-os-Montes, near Bragança.

Glasses of rosé and white vinho verde

Explore the vinho verde route

Discover the differences between the Minho region's vinho verde wines and enjoy the culture, gastronomy, beautiful historical cities and scenery.