7 Undeniable Reasons Why Walking Holidays Are Good For You

7 Undeniable Reasons Why Walking Holidays Are Good For You

If you’ve never been on a walking holiday and are wondering whether you should, read on. As well as some rather obvious benefits, there are plenty of reasons why walking holidays are good for you.


  1. Walking holidays are good for your body

Walking is one of the best ways to exercise – better than going to the gym, in fact. Choosing a holiday that includes daily hikes means that even if you slightly overindulge in the local food and wine, you should burn off any excess and may end the trip in better shape than when you started.

Your lungs will welcome the clean air, free of exhaust fumes and other pollutions.


  1. Nature soothes the soul

Seriously. Studies have long shown that spending time amid greenery and around trees lifts your mood, lowers blood pressure and boosts your energy. When you swap the sounds of the city for birdsong and rustling leaves, punctuated by the occasional rooster, dog or tractor, it helps clear your mind.


  1. It’s an opportunity to slow down and unwind

Many of us have busy lifestyles and are constantly juggling a thousand and one things that need to be done. On a walking holiday, there’s no rushing around. You’re completely removed from your daily stresses and computer screens and your pace is set by your comfortable walking speed. You could even use it as a chance to completely unplug and switch off your mobile phone.


  1. You’ll experience things differently

Exploring on foot allows you to notice little details that you would miss if you were on a bike or in a car. From spring flowers to curious gadgets in village gardens and the chorus of croaking frogs, there’s much to wonder at in the countryside. Take time to stop for a closer look, take photographs, breathe in the scents and enjoy the sounds.


  1. Time to talk and think

A walking holiday is a great opportunity to develop deeper connections with friends and family. There will be ample opportunities to chat while you walk or take breaks as well as comfortable silences while you allow each other to get lost in thought.

Supporting each other if the going gets a little tough and celebrating your achievements together creates special memories and strengthens relationships.


  1. Make new friends

Depending on which walking tour you choose to go on, you may find that the only people you encounter outside of towns are local villagers and farm workers. Even if you can’t engage in conversation, a shared greeting and smile can brighten everyone’s day.

If you choose to follow a popular route such as the Camino de Santiago, you will almost certainly meet others who are following the same path. The opportunity to walk together for a while and get to know new people is one of the highlights of this particular walking holiday.


  1. Lighten your load

I mean this metaphorically as well as physically. As your daily stresses and cares fade away, you can relax in the knowledge that your route is tried, tested and clearly explained so you won’t get lost, even on a self-guided walking holiday. If anything does go wrong, you can simply call the tour operator to help you out.

With a luggage transfer service to take care of heavy bags, all you need to carry are the essentials for your day walk. Knowing that you have a comfortable bed waiting for you removes the worry of working out where to spend the night.


All you need to do is come prepared for an unforgettable and extremely rewarding experience.


By Julie Dawn Fox
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