Portuguese Camino de Santiago

10 Things You Can’t Miss in Alto Minho

The Alto Minho region of Portugal is essentially the top left-hand corner of the country. Few visitors realise how gorgeous it is, or how interesting. That’s good news if you like to escape the hoards and enjoy unspoilt countryside, beaches...

bolo rei

Cakes And Cod: Tasty Traditional Christmas Food In Portugal

Vibrant candied fruit gleams like jewels on rings of golden brioche in Portuguese bakeries throughout December. Although Portuguese Christmas cake, called bolo rei (king cake), may resemble a crown, its symbolism goes far deeper.


Taylor's 10 - Port wine

What Makes Port Wine So Special And Varied?

A vintage ruby port with nuances of blackberry, chocolate and other deep flavours will bring out the tang of a creamy stilton cheese. In fact, before coming to Portugal, my only experience of port wine was our family’s tradition of drinking ruby port with stilton...

platter of cured meats and cheese

Fumeiro: Traditional Cured Meats From Tras-os-Montes

Without fridges and freezers, people employed other methods of preserving their pork and other meat products, i.e. charcuterie. Smoking turned out to be the most effective way and the word fumeiro refers to both the cured meats and the smoke house.


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