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Portuguese Camino de Santiago

10 Things You Can’t Miss in Alto Minho

The Alto Minho region of Portugal is essentially the top left-hand corner of the country. Few visitors realise how gorgeous it is, or how interesting. That’s good news if you like to escape the hoards and enjoy unspoilt countryside, beaches...

Taylor's 10 - Port wine

What Makes Port Wine So Special And Varied?

A vintage ruby port with nuances of blackberry, chocolate and other deep flavours will bring out the tang of a creamy stilton cheese. In fact, before coming to Portugal, my only experience of port wine was our family’s tradition of drinking ruby port with stilton...

Santa Luzia basilica near Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo, A Coastal City with Colourful Heritage

Viana do Castelo is famous for its colourful traditional costumes and gold jewellery as well as its architecture. When I say architecture, we’re talking Celtic settlements, medieval monuments and award-winning contemporary buildings.


Ducal Palace in Guimarães, a World Heritage site in northern Portugal

Guimarães, City of Culture and History

Every inch of Guimarães’ delightful medieval centre exudes history. Known within Portugal known as the birthplace of the nation, its cultural heritage and architecture is remarkable enough to warrant UNESCO World Heritage status and plenty of photographs.


Anta de Zedes -megalithic monument

Megalithic Monuments In The North Of Portugal

If you’re looking for evidence of Portugal’s prehistoric civilisations, the megalithic monuments in the north of Portugal are a good place to start. They are not the biggest or most famous dolmens in the country but they are among the most important and fascinating.


Barcelos Pottery_2

Portuguese Pottery Comes In Many Forms

Portuguese pottery dates back to prehistoric times, as you’ll see if you visit any archaeological exhibits in Portugal’s museums. Excavations of ancient settlements have produced terracotta urns used to store wine, water and olive oil as well as smaller bowls, jugs,...

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