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With more than 10 years travelling throughout the north of Portugal and a genuine passion for this land of great contrasts and strong identity, characterised by its rich natural, cultural, ethnographic, historical and gastronomic heritage, I am proud to have created a huge network of personal relationships and acquired a deep knowledge of the territory. This allowed me to create Portugal Green Walks, an incoming tour operator, thereby satisfying my desire to help you discover the hidden treasures of our Portuguese way of living and being, providing a total immersion, authentic, cultural and educational experience.


Paulo Lopes

Founder and CEO

Our territory: specialist knowledge of northern Portugal

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team has developed extensive knowledge of the places to which we offer holidays and built strong relationships with the local people, meaning that you benefit from expert advice prior to your holiday and enjoy particularly attentive service during your trip.

Our specialisations: outdoor activities, cultural tours, gastronomy and wine tasting

Portugal Green Walks is a travel company specialising in experience tourism, offering a different take on northern Portugal. We showcase the natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage of greater Porto and the North region in innovative and unconventional ways. We highlight the local food, lifestyle and traditions. Our portfolio includes outdoor activities, local gastronomy and wine tasting tours, workshops and customised travel packages, allowing you to have hands-on, authentic experiences.

Our service: quality at every level

We meticulously screen all of the service providers that we work with, ensuring that they operate in a professional, reliable manner and also that they have a certain distinctive authenticity and a genuine desire to share their enthusiasm with our visitors. We are therefore able to guarantee an impeccable level of quality in all of the services that you experience during your stay, thanks to close relationships with our partners and our presence in the field.

Our team: enthusiastic and passionate

We are professional, multi-lingual, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate. The invaluable and diverse specialist input from our multidisciplinary team will help you to fully appreciate the landscape and culture by articulating popular and scientific knowledge, sharing stories, evoking memories and explaining ways of life. We'll make the most of chances to interact with the local people, providing valuable opportunities for you to have a truly authentic experience.

Our offer: to add extra value to your stay

We offer complete packages and can organise every aspect of your visit. We choose appropriate services to meet your specific requirements, create a programme for your stay, reserve and confirm all services and check that everything is going smoothly during your stay.

Our strengths: originality, adaptability and creativity

All of the services that we offer are tailor made, designed especially for you and perfectly suited to your requirements. It is this attention to detail and personalisation of every service that makes your stay with us so exclusive and unique.

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